Fortnite Beef Getting Chippy on the Internet Streets

Things are getting a little heated on the internet regarding Ninja’s video that he posted on Twitter on December 20th which defended Fortnite and criticized the people talking shit about it on the internet. Clap back first came at the hands of Tfue, saying the obvious- “if they no longer like the game, they should simply stop playing it”.

But.. once you thought the smoke was clearing.. Today, on Christmas Eve nonetheless, Twitch streamer Dakotaz decided to express his mind on the whole situation. Saying “It must be tough to get blocked, being Ninja.. I wonder what that feels like. Not everyone’s gonna kiss your ass in life, buddy.” Burn city.

Today has been an interesting one, and these streamer beefs and chirps are actually somewhat entertaining. The beauty of surplus, is that everyone has a chance to find something they like – and there are a billion video games. If you don’t like a game, or update.. just back off a bit and let it fizzle out. And the beauty and downfall of the internet, is the outreach you have to shit ton of people. If you’re a streamer and have a big following, one comment can easily turn the masses on a game or other creator. It’s beef baby.

This is like the millennials B.I.G. vs Pac. People going wild over the back and forth. Everyone has their side that is more than welcome to voice their opinion, but if you get body bagged via the internet- that’s what you signed up for.

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