Overwatch Player Disqualified From Event For Cheating

In the second weekend of the Breaking Barriers tournament that took place on December 21 and 22, one player, w0w, decided to use this as his opportunity to show off some cheats. The Open Division allowed any Overwatch player to create a team and play for a cash prize. And while some were using it to have some fun, or to maybe get their name out there to get noticed, one player got noticed a different way. And that was because he playing being sus, and it alerted other players.

On December 23rd, Blizzard manually investigated that matter and concluded that this player was using third party software. W0w’s team, “Minions on the Flank”, have officially been disqualified.

After the news broke about the teams disqualification, team member of w0w’s, “SaltShaker” announced a statement that his team had no idea about the cheats and wouldn’t have played with him if they did know. Stating that they were friends and he was “good”.

And we thought we only got some spiciness in the Overwatch League! I’m not condoning cheating at all, but all I will say is back in the day this would just be a slap on the wrist. Now, there is good money on the line, and there are players who are trying to get noticed to go pro in their chosen esport. It’s more than just a game to some people, and in the time we live in, you can make a comfortable living playing a game. It’s understandable as to why these players are pissed off.

Stop. Fucking. Cheating. And just play the game. Some people live breathe and eat this game, and for someone to swoop in and cheat their way to the top is bullshit. Regardless of how big the tournament is.

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