Renting Egirls To Play Games With You is Now A Thing

Welcome And this isn’t a sponsored post, I just see it flying around the Twitter world. So being a gaming journalist, I have to look into these things. It looks like you are now able to pay an egirl to play video games with you. The Fiverr of egirls if you will. You pick which game you want to play, and you are prompted with qualified egirls to play with.

This world is something else man. And before you think I’m going to knock this website, I am not. I am pro, 100%. Some of these girls are only charging $1 per game! That is an absolute steal. You play a game of CSGO with them, and it usually runs almost an hour. $1 for an hour and potential love? Unreal. $1 to chop it up in a game of competitve, and form a real virtual connection. If the people in Love is Blind can do it, you can do it too. But for a lot cheaper.

You go out for dinner with a real life girl, and it’s almost $100. You have to worry about dressing nice, picking the right place, picking her up.. real life dating is just stressful. I think the most cost efficient way is virtually. You can’t even buy a Tinder boost for this cheap!

You just can’t put a price tag on love.

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