Tfue Calls Out Ninja to IRL Fight

Ninja and Tfue have had beef for as long as I can remember now, but it looks like Tfue is trying to take the Logan/Jake Paul route, and challenge Mr. Blevins to a boxing match. While Ninja is trying to squash things. This came at the heels of Ninja’s Twitter getting hacked, and the hacker tagging Tfue in a post, challenging him to a fight.

So, Tfue did the normal thing. Used this as click bait for a YouTube video. Titled (in all caps of course, cause you know.. clicks) “NINJA CHALLENGES ME TO A BOXING MATCH. Waaaait. No he didn’t. But, YouTube. So Ninja responded.

I’d love to sit here and pick apart what Ninja said. And tell you that it was the softest response of all time, but he kinda has a point and it would be so opposite of Ninja’s brand to box someone. It’s helping the hacker, because he wanted to stir the pot. Cause a little anarchy. And instead of letting it die, Tfue is starting controversy around a hacked tweet, and now using it for that sweet, sweet, ad revenue.

And let’s be real. They both don’t really strike me as people who know their way around a boxing ring. I think it could turn out to be a true snooze fest. Just a couple of those blow up things outside of the car wash swinging at each other. Or even worse, the fight ends up like this:

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