Fortnite Kid’s Dad Gets In Trouble For Following Tons of Instagram Models on Stream

This might be one of the funniest moments ever caught on live stream. And Dakotaz laugh, and the little kids freaking out over hearing the words “titties” and “butts” legitimately make me burst out laughing. They explode! “They talking about butts and boobies DISGUSTING.”

What a pivot this was too. It turned from the woman asking the man to add their friends on Snapchat. And BOOM, within a half a second, slam transitions into talking about his IG feed. This has been eating her up and it was time to let it out.

My mans Dad is in deep shit and I high key feel bad for him. Instagram is never gonna be the same after this. It’s going to be audited day in and day out to make sure their aren’t model jugs on the timeline. Everyone knows that Instagram was made for models and puppies. Now Dad can’t even scroll down Instagram and see a little skin without getting screamed at. House has become a prison. Gonna have to go back to magazines like the cavemen. Or hide out in his car so he can scroll the gram in peace.

Sleep on the couch with pride, king. Nothing wrong with following Instagram models. What has this world turned into.

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