Dr Disrespect Announces Multi-Year Multi-Million Dollar Extension On Twitch

The two-time has announced that he isn’t going anywhere and will remain streaming on Twitch with a two-year deal.. Pokimane announced she was staying on Twitch last week, and today was Doc’s turn. And Doc came in the the best produced announcement video I’ve ever seen.

And via the #1 esports consultant and insider, Slasher (who announced Docs extension ~30 minutes before Doc) let us know that the deal was a lucrative one.

A few month’s ago, everyone was talking about platform wars, and which streaming platform was going to dethrone Twitch. I’m here to throw my hat in the ring today, and say Twitch will not be dethroned for the foreseeable future. Twitch has noticed their bread winners, and are offering them pretty decent deals, which is what they should be doing. Granted, other platforms are offering more, but with the viewership and market share Twitch has, it just makes sense. They took losing big names as a lesson, and used it to keep their stars. Doc is the most electrifying man on Twitch, and losing him would be really, really tough.

Congrats on the deal Doc, well deserved. And the announcement video was bad ass, very Docish.

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