CDL 2020 Events Canceled Due To Coronavirus. I’m Sad, But We’re Ok

Well. It happened. But not as bad as I thought. The beauty in esports, is there is pretty much always the online option. CDL 2020 is going all online from here on out due to the coronavirus. At least it isn’t canceled.

Here is the CDL’s Twitter Post, and CDL Commissioner, Johanna Faries, statement:

The internet today, and going forward, will be about coronavirus fucking things up, until something is done.

Am I bummed that there won’t be any in person events? Yea, I am. But it’s not the end of the world. These pros played for years back in the day, and they probably don’t mind. It’s where they started. It’s not going to change anything besides the production. We good, and it looks like the pros are in good spirits too.

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