God of War May Not Be PS Exclusive For Long

HUGE NEWS coming out right now, but the “Only on PlayStation” tag has been removed from the absolute gaming masterpiece that is 2018’s God of War. For those of you unfamiliar, I am one of the biggest original God of War fans OF ALL TIME. The arcadey hack n slash action adventure that came with the hard nosed, no bullshit Kratos, his story, and the Greek Pantheon he dismembers along the way is considered to be one of the most influential franchises to come out of the PS2 and PS3 generations. God of War 2018 was shown off and I was initially put off by the tighter camera views and the more grounded intimate combat system. I will be the first to say I was completely wrong, because Sony Santa Monica’s God of War on PS4 was easily the best game of the year and one of the greatest games to be released this entire decade.

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As previously stated on several episodes of Not Another gaming Podcast, God of War is 100% a system seller. When we discussed which console was the best to purchase for this generation I continuously brought up the exclusives of the PlayStation 4 being the highlight of the console with Spider Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, BloodBorne, and God of War being worth the buy alone. Now you may not even have to invest in a PS4 or the “backward compatible” PS5 when it releases to play God of War. With the removal of the “Only on PlayStation” tag what can we expect? Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the also previously playstation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn will be getting ported to Steam on PC so my gut feeling says we will be seeing something similar here.. However, the removal of the label isn’t all that uncommon on the side of Sony. It very well could mean nothing, but I wanna keep a positive outlook on this one. More people need to play God of War and I am all for it being ported to PC, just imagine the kinds of modding that could come with it.

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What do you think? Are we going to be seeing the Horizon Zero Dawn treatment for God of War? What other PlayStation exclusive need to be ported to PC? I for one need to play through BloodBorne all over again and am willing to pay both Steam and Sony for that chance.

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