“Modern Classic” DOOM Eternal Rips And Tears Through Franchise Records

Despite retail closures, global pandemics, and governments the world over basically shitting themselves – DOOM Eternal has absolutely obliterated its own franchise records, and is seeing some insane review scores.

Eternal smashed its opening weekend sales record, and doubled the launch revenue of DOOM 2016 already. It was also the best-selling game on Steam for its opening week with over 100,000 active players. Not too shabby, Doomguy. Not. Too. Shabby.

At this point, DOOM Eternal is already a clear GOTY contender. Eternal is already scraping the ceilings of some of the most respected relied-on review charts on the internet, and our very own Dr. Bob will have a review up soon as well.

DOOM Eternal is out right now. The Standard Edition is $59.99, and hte Deluxe Edition is $89.99.

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