PAX East 2022: Demeo Has Arrived On PC, Rocks My Dice Off

I love Dungeons & Dragons, I really do. Y’know what the worst part about the game is though?


I’m fortunate enough to have had the same-ish group of guys huddle around a table for the last seven years. But callouts happen, life happens, so we sometimes need to think on the fly and come up with an idea of what to play or do if someone can’t make our regularly scheduled campaign.

Well folks, after experiencing Demeo: PC Edition for the first time on the show floor at PAX East… I’m pretty sure I’ve got our new game night emergency replacement locked down.

For the uninitiated, Demeo is a love letter to tabletop roleplaying games, and is a tactical strategy RPG where players choose a character/class, drop into a module inspired by classic dungeon crawling tales, and slay monsters to escape the level and bring home the loot.

Previously, Demeo was only available on the Meta Quest platform for VR players. It still is, and now features cross play with it’s PC- based brethren. All of the progress and unlocks carry over from your VR version, for free, and you can play across platforms with your friends as well. The most exciting thing for me is that Demeo features a ton of different skins for the characters, dice, and your own silhouette over the game’s virtual table… All of which is unlockable just by playing the game. What a concept, right?

Future DLC will be coming for Demeo, which will feature new skins, dice, and even classes – but I was assured by the team that this is a “one time purchase” type of game, and all future DLC will be free. Aside from just having unbelievable business values like this, the team is phenomenal and seem to really love what they’ve already put into the game. I love it too, and can’t wait to play more Demeo with the D&D night guys.

You can grab Demeo: PC Edition right now on Steam and Meta Quest.

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