[NO SPOILERS] The Person Who Leaked The Last Of Us Part II is an Asshole

This blog doesn’t contain any spoilers. It’s just for the purpose to warn everyone what’s going around the internet. In simple words, some dick head leaked very, very, important information regarding the story of The Last Of Us Part II.

Rumor has it that the leaks come from a Naughty Dog employee who was pissed off after losing a payment dispute with Naughty Dog. And while it’s not confirmed, it makes total sense that someone within their four walls would be one of the few with access to this gameplay/info.

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If you’re an avid Twitter user, DO NOT click anything with a hashtag talking about The Last of Us. And do not, I repeat, do not look through any threads that are talking about the upcoming game. There are douche bags everywhere looking for engagement. These are the people who had the game ruined for themselves, and in return want to bring people down with them so they don’t feel alone. And hopefully get a little attention which they obviously so desperately need via Twitter engagements.

To the person who leaked this information, fuck you. People have been waiting 7 years for this game. And to a lot of people it’s the game that they love, and will literally never forget. It’s a beautiful game, and to keep it a buck, we all know it’ll be a Game of The Year nominee and a favorite for it. This is without the game even being finished – you just know Naughty Dog makes some bangers. And The Last Of Us is unreal.

I hope you vigorously shit the bed tonight, leaker. And if it is an ex employee, congrats on being blackballed from the industry.

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