PAX East 2022: DreadXP Offers a Terrifyingly Great Lineup

Everybody knows I’m a massive wimp when it comes to horror stuff.

Horror movies? No thank you, I’ll read the plot on Wikipedia like a weirdo. Horror games? I leave that to Bob. Honestly even the Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer label gives me the creeps, but it’s delicious so I drink it anyway.

Having found myself amidst the chaos of the show floor at PAX East 2022, I stumbled upon the folks at DreadXP, who are offering up a collection of horror games (which are all over the spectrum of the genre of horror itself) that are sure to satisfy even the most gore-hungry gamers. See, I can type scary stuff, the end of that sentence was fucking gross.

The full collection from the show floor (see all of their offerings on Steam right here) included Sucker For Love, a romance simulator where you try to seduce bloodthirsty succubi, My Friendly Neighborhood, which is like a fucked up Sesame Street survival horror title, Mortuary Assistant – which is exactly what it sounds like – and my personal favorite: SpookWare (trailer above).

Spookware invites you to Join the “Skelebros” as they road trip throughout the afterlife and play a bunch of horror-themed microgames. It’s like a more horror-centric WarioWare, but also implements competitive elements like the board game “Sorry” (this is also a game of sweet revenge, I’m told), where you try to inundate and overwhlem your opponents with microgames while you sprint to the finish.

Overall, there’s something for everyone from DreadXP on Steam right now (even me, as it turns out), and they’ve got even more coming soon.

Stay spooky, my friends. (But like, do it over there… Cause I’m scared)

Papa Dom

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