Who’s this Supercharged Streamer’s Partner Pokemon?

Hot off the Pokemon press is Iono, the “Supercharged Streamer”  who showed off her electric personality this morning on Pokemon’s own YouTube channels. She shocked the airwaves with a presentation that your typical influencer would show off live to thousands of viewers.

With magnemite hair clips, a yellow coat, and a mix of light blue and pink hair. She challenged her viewers to guess her partner Pokemon. That’s right, this energetic poketuber is a gym leader in the Paldea region! Did she show her Pokemon off at the end of her skit? Of course not, that would ruin the fun! 

Who’s That Pokemon?

She did however give us “Iono Zone” viewers a few clues as to what the Pokemon would be like!

Iono asks her viewers to guess who her pokemon is.
Iono, the Supercharged streamer electrified the airwaves this morning!

The first question asked by Iono’s not so “live viewers” was about how the Pokemon feels when touched. “Squishy! Squishy! Squishy!” Iono replied, with a short dance. She went on to the next question with no hesitation, “Is it Magnemite?”. “Bzzt! Nope, these things on my head are fancy-shmancy hair clips! Cute, right?”. Another question came along asking about its speed “is it fast or slow?”, “People think it’s li’l sluggish with an easygoin’ vibe.” said Iono.

The final questions were “What’s it look like?” and “What type is it?”.  Iono took a second to answer  “It’s got two big ol’ bumps on its noggin that people always mistake for eyes.”, and “Electric of course! I’m an Electric type Gym Leader, after all!”. Iono elaborated further  “Its body expands and contracts to generate electricity in its belly! …and best of all… it’s so cute!”. With that, Iono signed off. Leaving us to wonder what in the hell this Pokemon could be.

What kind of Pokemon could she be talking about? Perhaps it’s a new one? Maybe a frog-like electric type? Anyway, all will be revealed soon in a future broadcast from our new influencer. In the meantime, look forward to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release on November 18th for the Nintendo Switch.


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