A Couple Met Solo Queuing in Apex Legends and Got Married And I’m Even More Lonely Than Ever

This is the most beautiful shit I’ve ever seen. It’s honestly so beautiful that I’m angry for zero reason. Imagine that. It was a long day at work, you get home and fire up the sticks. No one to play with you decide to do the worst thing in the world. You solo queue. And you’re expecting some douche bag that is going to be the worst teammate in the world.. But you find the person you end up fucking MARRYING.

I go to bars, I swipe right under I get carpal tunnel, I wait in Whole Foods way too long to hopefully bump into the one as we both reach for the last organic yogurt.. When all I have to do is play video games.. This world is crazy, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Imagine the fights they must get in? “I’m sleeping on the couch, I can’t believe you looted before picking me up. I thought we were a team, honey”.

Congrats on the love..

Chris P.

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