Did Call of Duty Officially Hint at Stadium Going Bye Bye?

Oh yea let me comment a name for the biggest waste of space in video game history. A fat hunk of metal and glass in the middle of the map. But maybe I’m reading into this shit a little bit more than just giving the Stadium a name. They wrote “our doors are open”. Me being a conspiracy theorist when it comes to Call of Duty, my mind goes into OK well the doors to Stadium are open, or opening. Also known as, you will be able to access it. I’m sick of having teams camp on top of it. Genuinely sick of it. It makes me want to take a drive to their house, walk up to their door, and shit on the porch. Who plays like that

Is this a hint at the the stadium is officially going to be a playable area? I sure hope so. Or just nuke the thing off the map. Especially looking at all the sent out footage of what’s coming on August 5th, that is definitely an option considering the explosions in the video came from stadium.

Nice try Call of Duty, you’re not fooling me.

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