Marvel’s Avengers Posts Heroic Launch Month Sales Numbers, Nearly Breaks Spider-Man Launch Record

Just like in the game, rumors of Marvel’s Avengers’ demise seem to have been greatly exaggerated, as Crystal Dynamics’ hotly debated superhero release seems to be doing pretty well.

According to a SuperData report that details monthly digital product sales, Marvel’s Avengers sold 2.2 million copies in its initial launch month – “roughly the same” as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Not bad for a game with “dwindling player numbers“.

While Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive, and Marvel’s Avengers is available on nearly every platform, this is still a pretty impressive number considering the amount of rough press the game has received up to and through launch.

I will admit, my hype was pretty on the floor for Avengers at launch, especially given the reports of crashes, bugs, and lack of endgame content to sustain it as a true “GaaS” like Destiny. That being said, I did get a free copy with my new PC, and after playing the first few hours… I really dig it.

Crystal Dynamics has pledged to fix the issues plaguing the game, and to continue adding new content and fleshing out its endgame. Here’s hoping for a heroic bounce-back for this ambitious release.

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