100 Thieves Buy OpTic’s CDL Spot – LA Thieves Are Here

According to Dexerto’s sources, 100 Thieves have purchased OpTic’s Call of Duty League spot and will be represented as the LA Thieves. On top of that, the top shagger, handsome legend, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez will take back full control over the OpTic Gaming brand.

The spot that had been OpTic Gaming Los Angeles’ has now transferred ownership to the prominent esports organization, and sources have reported that 100T will rebrand the team to LA Thieves.
Immortals Gaming Club, which had purchased OpTic Gaming and one of two Los Angeles CDL franchise spots, recently sold the Green Wall back to Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, who will remain in control of the brand.


This has been a story I’ve been following day in and day out. Trying to find easter eggs in Hector’s vlogs. Watching every Nadeshot stream. Just looking for a crumb. I was actually convinced it wasn’t going to happen. I mean listen to this Grammy worthy performance:

Just last August, Nadeshot famously (and sadly) announced that 100 Thieves would not field a competitive Call of Duty team, citing issues with their franchising structure.

But just look at us now baby! I am happier than a pig in shit.

Also — LA Thieves? What a name.

Editor’s Note: Added additional context from 100T’s CDL history. Also, with OpTic Gaming returning to H3CZ’s capable (and loving) hands, the future of Chicago’s CDL slot is uncertain. CDL may not allow H3CZ to rebrand the Chicago Huntsmen to OpTic, so we’ll have to wait and see what the Call of Duty legend does next. -Papa Dom

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