Stack Up Partners With World of Warships to Support U.S. Veterans and Service Members, Raises $70K Already

Stack Up has recently partnered up with World of Tanks and World of Warships publisher Wargaming to kick off “Operation Lifeboat”.

Operation Lifeboat sets out to raise funds and awareness for vital mental health services for veterans, and 100% of the specially partnered World of Warships bundles go directly to Stack Up’s Overwatch Program, which provides veterans with 24/7 mental health support. The campaign has already raised $70,000 to-date, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Here’s a brief video detailing what Operation Lifeboat is all about:

Per World of Warships’ official blog:

Based on the latest research among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, 58% of participants indicated they knew a veteran who died by suicide, while 65% knew a veteran who had attempted to take his/her own life.

A recent study published in Social Science and Medicine shows that, many veterans found video games helpful not only with managing moods and stress, but also with three areas related to other aspects of recovery: adaptive coping, developing self-confidence and socializing.

World of Warships, “Stack Up Partnership to Support U.S. Veterans and Service Members”

We had the pleasure of meeting the folks from Stack Up at PAX East 2020, and they’re a nonprofit that is dedicated to supporting veterans through gaming, and raising money and awareness for veterans in need. With the stats just above, its not hard to see why this type of support is so critical to our men and women in uniform.

In a day and age where the news only gets scarier by the second – especially right now – it makes me happy to know that Stack Up is tirelessly supporting the bravest warriors on the face of the earth in not just battles overseas – but the battles they face personally every day.

If you want to donate directly to Operation Lifeboat, you can do so directly via this fundraising page.

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