Rumors Are Swirling About A New “Gaming-Focused” Laptop From Apple (That’ll Set You Back $5000)

The ball has hardly just dropped for 2020, and I’m still shaking my hangover from two days ago, so imagine my surprise when I woke up to this headline about a rumored “gaming-focused” laptop from Apple.

The rumors, first reported by the Economic Daily website, suggest that Apple is looking to break into the lucrative esports market with a new – and very expensive – Mac that’s aimed at gamers.

According to the website, supply chain sources have hinted that Apple is working on such a machine, which could either be a large-screen all-in-one PC (like the iMac), or a large-screen gaming laptop along the lines of the MacBook Pro 16-inch.

– TechRadar

Now, I don’t do a whole ton of computer gaming, mainly because I like my consoles and haven’t felt like shelling out the money to build my own PC. I do, however, play a handful of games on my Mac (mainly World of Warcraft), and have paid pretty close attention to the moves Apple has made in the last half decade as it inches closer and closer to gaming legitimacy.

Most of these moves have occurred in the mobile space (Metal API, new graphics card partnerships, Apple Arcade, etc.), but Apple’s yet to truly jump out on stage and commit to a side of the house that’s solely focused on gaming. Could we finally be seeing Apple make that leap? If so, would you buy into it?

Apple’s next Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) happens this June. If we’re gonna see anything about this, it’ll probably happen on-stage there.

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