T-Pain’s New Twitch Intro Is Absolutely Electrifying

When you think of the greatest entertainers of all time, you might think Michael Jackson, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Prince, to name a few.

One man who never seems to have transcended more eras, genres, and platforms and still seems to never get the credit he deserves, however, is Teddy Pain himself, T-Pain. Multiple Billboard #1 singles. Platinum plaques everywhere. A pair of Grammys. Fifteen Billboard Top 10s. Sold out tours worldwide… And now? He’s the most electrifying streamer on Twitch.

I mean, who’s having more fun than T-Pain? The man is rapping his ass off pre-stream, getting ready to entertain the shit out of people just like he’s been doing since the early 2000s.

Nothing but respect for my GOAT.

(T-Pain, if you’re reading this – come on the podcast.)

Papa Dom

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