I Got Laughed At For Having A Hand Fan

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I hit up WGG Intern, Kung Fu Ken to run some duos. We were having fun, getting our dicks kicked in, but having fun. That was when I decided to open up and let him know that I use a hand fan while playing. And that was when I got laughed at right in my face. I didn’t think much of it but got humiliated by muffled chuckles.

I don’t care if this is weird. It’s weird if you don’t use one. What happens when you don’t have the luxury of air conditioning in your house? News flash, it gets fucking hot. And you sweat. How are you supposed to play to the best of your ability with sweaty hands? It’s near impossible. And if we’re keeping it a buck, sometimes I put a fan on my left side too so my keyboard hand stays nice and chilled. Sue me.

If you don’t use a hand fan while playing you are missing out. It might even be considered a PED for gaming.

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