If This Can’t Be My Setup While Playing Star Wars Squadrons, Then I Don’t Want It

Listen, we all know I’m stoked for Star Wars Squadrons. We’re just a few short days away, and my hype is borderline immeasurable.

As excited as I am to play Squadrons, however, seeing this tweet from James Clement – Squadrons’ Lead Gameplay & Tech Designer – leads me to believe that my current playing setup is flat out unacceptable.

Folks, now THAT is podracing. I don’t even know what my favorite part is. Is it the chair? The replica helmet? The sticks and buttons themselves? My head is spinning like the top of an astromech droid bypassing the main power drive of a modified J-type 327 Nubian starship.

Sidenote – we’ve previously covered the extensive customization that Squadrons is gonna have, and it looks like there’s a handful of awesome ones that you’ll get for free just for pre-ordering. If you’l excuse me, I’m going to go do that now.

Star Wars Squadrons releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 2, 2020.

P.S. – I would also be very impressed if someone re-mapped the old ridiculous Steel Battalion controller setup to work with Squadrons.

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