Paramount+’s New Series ‘Players’ Might Be The First Great Esports TV Show

There’s plenty of horrible gaming shows and movies out there.

Dungeons & Dragons, Super Mario Bros., BloodRayne, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation… The list goes on for horrendous and embarrassing gaming movies and television adaptations. And when it’s not a “serious” adaptation, it’s a series with “gamers” in the show making cringeworthy jokes that no self-respecting “nerd” would ever make in real life (looking at you, Big Bang Theory).

However, today we have been given hope. The folks at Paramount+ are partnering with the creators of Netflix’s hilarious “American Vandal” mockumentary series to bring us “Players” – a show about a pro League of Legends team in pursuit of their first LCS title.

Honest to god, I thought this was real for the first like two minutes. What ensued was a hilarious trailer for what I’m hoping is an equally great show. AppleTV+’s Mythic Quest is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a comedy series that lovingly pokes fun at the gaming industry, and Players truly might be the first great series to do that for esports.

This trailer’s got it all, and I can only hope the full series delivers once it arrives. I really don’t want to subscribe to another streaming service, but I might have to at least grab the free trial for Paramount to give Players a try.

Players debuts on June 16th exclusively on Paramount+.

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