Fortnite Partnering With TikTok for Emote Royal Contest. The Cringe Emotes are Coming

Fortnite has announced that they will be partnering with TikTok for an Emote Royal Contest. The winner will receive 25,000 V-Bucks and a Fortnite VIP package. Also, you will have a chance to have your dance be an in game emote.

The two most cringy things in the world coming together. Nothing worse than seeing an adult flossing in a public setting, but now.. now we’re going to be able to see the genius creators of TikTok dance their hearts out for a chance to be in Fortnite. E boys and E girls rejoice. The countless hours of hitting the renegade dance alone in your room might pay off. Your killer moves are going to be immortalized in Fortnite with a hefty bag of 25k V-Bucks.

TikTok is giant now and a lot of companies are doubling down on it. I personally can’t see myself doing a Step Up routine in the middle of a Walmart. But to each his own.

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