Keemstar Announces Warzone Wednesdays With $20k Weekly Prize Pool

Starting next week, we have Warzone Wednesday’s courtesy of DramaAlert Creator, and Fortnite Friday/ Minecraft Monday host, Keemstar. Warzone Wednesday’s will involve a smooth, WEEKLY $20k prize pool that you can win. We will have the pleasure of watching the biggest streamers, entertainers, athletes, and rappers from all over the world compete.

I dig this. As someone who has been putting time into Warzone (still without a win), I cannot wait to see this go down. The player base is there, and the eyes will follow with these big time names that will be competing. In this pressing time with no traditional sports, this is what we need. And Keem capitalized. It’s a beautiful move. Twitch viewership is up, concurrent players are up across a ton of games, and esports are starting to get recognition from people like never before. GG Keem, can’t wait.

Edit 3/17 – Keem has announced that they events will not happen on the 25th anymore due to another tournament. First day will be Tuesday the 24th

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