Grandma Who Pumped 3500+ Hours into Animal Crossing New Leaf is a Character in New Horizons

In early 2019, an adorable grandma, Audrey, went viral when her grandson posted a video about her and her love for Animal Crossing in a 30 minute, heart warming video. She played pretty much every single day for 4 years. Listen to the joy in her voice as she walks around the village. I’ll cry right now.

Last year, Audrey’s 3DS broke. But don’t worry, she got a new one thanks to a lot of generous people on the internet. During a system transfer, Audrey’s grandson uploaded a picture showing his grandma’s time played.

Big boy time right there. And now it’s looking like this adorable 87 year old, is getting her own character in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Audrey’s mayor name in New Leaf, is Audie. And the new wolf villager in New Horizons, is named Audie. Audie the wolf flaunts some shades, and short blonde hair. Maybe based off an old picture of Audrey.

This is the news I needed to see today. We have the coronavirus closing everything down, quarantining us, and killing people, Tom Brady leaving the Patriots, and the weather is as grey as possible. I just needed something to cheer my heart up. And here we have it. What a way to pay homage to one of the most die hard fans. It really goes to show you that video games are universal, and Animal Crossing specifically. It’s so relaxing and easy to play. I would die for Audrey. I don’t know her, and I’ll never meet her, but I would take a bullet for her.

I can’t wait to see Audi when New Horizons comes out in 3 days. It doesn’t matter how many peaches she needs or how many chores I need to do for her. I will be there ready to work and do it with a smile on my face.

I stan, Audrey.

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