Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase Unveils 20+ Indies Coming To Switch This Year

For those chomping at the bit waiting for Animal Crossing this Friday, Nintendo decided to sprinkle a little more gaming goodness on your cloudy quarantine afternoon.

In today’s live Indie World showcase, Nintendo highlighted a ton of new Switch Indie titles arriving this year. Probably the biggest title on the list is Exit the Gungeon, which launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch today in case you need something to cut through your mid-day quarantine malaise.

“Independent developers from around the world have continued to find a home on Nintendo Switch. Developers get to launch their games on a system that can be played at home or taken on the go, while fans can enjoy a rapidly growing library of these diverse and inspired indie games.”

Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations

Aside from Exit the Gungeon, some other indies highlighted in the showcase include Blair WitchBounty BattleDicey DungeonsGhost of a TaleSky: Children of the LightSuperliminal, and Wingspan.

For a full list of Nintendo’s upcoming Indie World offerings, check out their new webpage right here, and follow them on Twitter.

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