Nickmercs Live Interviewed A Hacker in Warzone

Last night Nick was playing random fill duos. It just so happened he got paired up with a cheater. Who, not for nothing, was a really cool dude. I’m not agreeing with his choices to cheat, but he was a decent guy.

Nick was a little suspicious when the game was going on. But after Nick died, he was spectating his teammate who toggled off. This is before Nick was poking fun, telling him to turn it back on. It was a content gold mine.

This game is so infested with cheaters. And the big thing that shows that is Nicks teammate here saying “if you can’t beat em, join em” – while I personally wouldn’t do that, I see how people can get frustrated. And for roughly $20/month? That’s fucking peanuts for aimbot, walls, and 3d and 2d active radar.

Everything has been tried. The community has been screaming from the rooftops asking for help with cheaters. But maybe this is what it takes. Maybe this YouTube video that Nick will put out will be the tipping point. Will it, probably not. But one can only hope Actvision and Infinity Ward will listen.

People will have mixed emotions about Nick doing this. But anyone from a content standpoint would do the same thing. And for those wondering, he did report him after.

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