Target Quietly Opens New Gaming-Oriented Concept Store “The Game Room”

According to Protocol, Target just had a soft opening for it’s new store called The Game Room. The Game Room is located in San Francisco on site of Target’s Open House location. Previously, this display room was intended to target the Internet of Things (IoT) – and it was a place that you could test out home gadgets.

Target says on their website that “We aren’t showing you tomorrow’s gaming. We hand you a controller, and invite you to take it for a spin”.

Customers will have access to Google Stadia or Apple Arcade via smartphones and tablets that are on display. You’ll also be able to explore VR and AR possibilities and have an area to play popular games, and play in tournaments.

Target hasn’t announced this yet. But the store is open

People wearing virtual reality headwear and playing a video game.

Looks like Target is getting their hands in the gaming pool, as everyone is trying to do.. The last company we saw targeting this walk in gaming/tournament type style was GameStop. But that company is done for, and it’s just a little too late. If any company has people that stick around, it’s Target. Walk in for soap and paper towels, and leave with candles, Sour Patch Kids, a new hoodie, and a Christmas tree. A $10 trip, turns into a $200 trip in the matter of seconds. Every damn time.

But now it’s different. That trip for K-Cups is going to turn into me leaving with an Oculus Quest. I like the idea, but I’m not sure how profitable it will be. Or how many people will go out of their way to go play video games at Target via two streaming services you can play from home.

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