Barstool Sports Enters Esports

It wouldn’t be the internet if there wasn’t a leak. And it wouldn’t be esports if Slasher didn’t leak it. But that doesn’t take away how big this move is, and to be honest I’ve been waiting for it. It only made sense, and it’s about time.

Today, Barstool Hooliganz is born. Which is a fire ass name.

If you’ve been following Barstool for any amount of time, you know that they are an absolute juggernaut in the media space. It seems like anything they touch turns into gold. But lets be honest, the video game space is a mother fucker to break into. Through trials and tribulations, Barstool Gametime was born. From just trying to make a name for themselves, to becoming a huge brand – it’s been sick to watch.

Granted Smitty might not have the best aim in the world, and Glenny Balls might like driving helicopters a little too much in Warzone.. But regardless of what you think, it’s been entertaining to say the least.

Congrats to the good people of Gametime, excited to see you on the moon.

Chris P.

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