Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Season of Arrivals Revealed

Destiny 2, for me, is one of those games. You know the ones. The kind that you either play every single day, or you fall off for like three months only to get sucked right back in the second a friend mentions it or something new is announced.

This morning, as a part of Summer Game Fest, we got a look ahead at the next chapter in the Destiny universe. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Season of the Arrivals, and Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

I think there’s a ton to get excited about here, whether you’re a die-hard “hobby” player, or a relative newcomer. Destiny 2 has cemented itself as a shooter-quasi-MMO to be reckoned with, and honestly it their expansions feel like they’ve got more meat on them than most triple-A RPGs and FPS’ out today.

Personally, I’m stoked to see Bungie talking about bringing back “greatest hits” from prior Destiny expansions, and committing to not just “increasing the number on the box”, but making sure Destiny 2 is flush with content for years to come.

Papa Dom

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