EA Files For Outrageous Microtransaction Patent To Jam More In-Game Purchases Down Your Throat

Unless you live under a rock, you know about the hard on that Electronic Arts has for microtransactions, and they’ve made if painfully evident that this is the case with NBA 2K20, which is the most predatory, and microtransaction infested game of all time.

Last year, it was discovered that EA filed for a patent for their match making algorithm. This algorithm was able to check out your experience, skill and a few other key features before throwing you into a game with decked-out players. A way for try to say “hey buddy, you’re getting rolled by this far superior player. Why don’t you buy what they have, and maybe someday you’ll be as good as them..”

You would think this heat was enough to make EA chill out… But oh, nonono. SegmentNext reported a new patent for a system that locks items behind a ticking clock, and the value decreases based on how many get purchased. Which decreases the value if you don’t buy ASAP.

Honestly.. I’m kind of at a loss for words. It’s infuriating, but honestly kind of admirable. EA literally doesn’t give a fuck about their dumpster fire of a recent game, and their cash grab mentality. They’re just thinking about their next buck. And they go and file patents to make sure no one else can replicate the cold hard cash they’re going to be pulling in from everyone falling for these traps. The “hurry up and buy or you’ll miss out” tactic is the oldest sales swindle in the book and now they’re bringing it into video games. Move over used car salesman, EA is using your closer as a way for them to sell useless shit in game.

Although this hasn’t been put into use yet, there’s only a matter of time. So be on the lookout


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