Alinity’s Cat Finally Gets Revenge

Arguably one of the biggest pieces of Twitch controversy happened in July of 2019 when Twitch streamer Alinity yeeted her cat, Milo, over her head while in a game of Apex Legends. The internet went into a frenzy, and it’s something that the people will not let her live down. Constant jokes on social media, and constant chat comments about the toss.

It’s been months since then, and you can only imagine that Milo has been plotting. Acting like all was right in the world, playing with toys, eating food, and scratching up the furniture like normal. Maybe even tossing in a purr, and rubbing up on Alinity’s leg. Just to keep the act alive and believable.

“She must have forgot” – the cat was thinking. Until last night. It was time. The time to get that sweet revenge. Everything has led up to this moment. While Alinity was doing her best Steven Tyler impression, Milo was going to bite the shit out of her, to show that she did not forget.

The stare down after is COLD. Something you’d see in the NBA. Literally biting the hand that feeds you, and not giving a shit. Curled up in a ball after letting out a sigh of accomplishment on Alinity’s couch, took a shit in the litter box, and took a tiger snooze. Tonight, Milo wins.

Edit: Apparently this is her other cat. Which I like even more. Got your boys back. Cuddos Maya – you a real one

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