Taco Bell Will Be Opening a Gaming Cantina This Year

Taco Bell: The brand is also gearing up to unveil another restaurant that falls into its fast-social concept, this time centered around gaming. By the end of Q3, fans of both Taco Bell and gaming will be able to step into the San Ramon, California Cantina, sit down for a video game showdown amongst friends, and indulge in their favorite menu items all at the same time.

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Hold the god damn phone. You’re trying to tell me, that I can go to Taco Bell, smash Crunchwrap Supreme’s and run games with the boys? Hold my calls, cancel everything I have going on for me in Massachusetts, I’m moving to California. I know I wrote something yesterday about Target getting into gaming, but to be honest, I don’t really give a shit anymore. Because Taco MF Bell is throwing their hat in the ring. And as an avid Taco Beller, I cannot help but Stan.

They better hire extra staff to clean everything because shit is gonna get messy. Hot sauce on the controllers, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes dropping on the consoles, and the bathrooms are going to be a war zone. You’re going to have people hanging in there for 10 hours, living their whole day on Chalupas and Baja Blast. My stomach is turning just thinking about that. I’d be shitting like an animal.

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