Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Sold For $360k This Morning

The “Nintendo PlayStation” is a never produced console that was a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony. It was essentially a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a built in CD-ROM, which would have given Nintendo’s 16 bit system the ability to run CD games. Well, that prototype was auctioned off this morning in Dallas for a staggering $360,000. Making it the most expensive piece of video game memorabilia ever publicly sold. And parties have been bidding online since February.

After a fallout with Nintendo and Sony in the early 90’s, Sony decided to go on their own way and release what we know as the OG PlayStation.

The story goes that the prototype was originally found by Terry Diebold inside of a box of shit. A box of shit that was once owned by Sony CEO Olaf Olafsson (I always laugh at his name). The company, Advanta Corporation, that both Olaf and Diebold both worked at, went bankrupt and a bunch of stuff was auctioned off. This is where Diebold got his hands on this piece of gold.

By the way.. Olaf denied a one million dollar offer in 2019 from a bidder in Norway. I’d be sickkkkkk to my stomach.

When we are raised, we are told to invest. In the stock market, real estate and who knows what other bullshit our parents said. But what we were never told, is we would be able to sell video game memorabilia for over a quarter of a million dollars. If you told me that I would be able to sell a non working, never released console for years and years of salary.. I would tell you to pound sand. But boy was I wrong. I should have been buying useless stuff and two copies of every game, and never open them.

Oh yea by the way. You know what else was auctioned off this morning? Sealed copies of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (Sold for $45,600) Stadium Events (Sold for $66,000) and a late printing of Super Mario Bros (Sold for $20,400).

I’m teaching my kids to be hoarders and not to open anything they ever get. I dumped my entire life savings into Beanie Babies when I was a kid. And you know what that got me? At a 9-5 job making enough to get by.

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