Head Into The Weekend With Jace Hall’s “I Play WoW”

I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for like the past decade, and for good reason.

Jace Hall, television and video game producer and creator of The Jace Hall Show, was one of my favorite creators in the gaming space way back when in what I believe is now referred to as the “Internet 1.0” era. I could be wrong and I could be dating both of us, but in any case, this video’s like 13 years old and has millions of views so… You know it’s good.

This music video’s got everything. The classic tongue-in-cheek internet corniness, the early 2000s music video influences, the beautiful vanilla WoW gameplay footage… My god it just takes me back. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely gonna be stuck in your head now. I haven’t seen anything from Jace Hall in a while, but if I had it my way – he’d reprise this gem ASAP and give the people (me) what they (I) want. Whatever he’s up to, I hope he’s doing great.

Go play some WoW, get yourself in the right mindset for the holidays, grab a beverage or two if that’s your thing, and have a great weekend folks. Love ya.

Papa Dom

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