Team Liquid Acquires World’s Best Raiding Guild, Sets Sights On WoW, FFXIV, and Riot’s Upcoming MMO

As previously reported by yours truly, MMO raiding guild “Limit” recently parted ways with their longtime partner org, Complexity.

This week, Team Liquid announced that Limit’s new home – and new name – resides with them. In an announcement posted to Liquid+, Team Liquid announced that they have acquired Limit Guild and are “prepared to support them in every way possible”. There is also a merger component to this deal, as Raid Leader Max “Maximum” Smith has stepped up to become a co-owner of Team Liquid. Max himself teased this move with a video on his Twitter account a few days ago, anybody recognize that blog he’s reading?

Team Liquid says that the guild will be streaming practice sessions, speedruns, and obviously raid days moving forward from Maximum’s Twitch page – and that they will help to oversee the assembly of Team Liquid’s first-ever MMO PvP team. The deal is reportedly one of Liquid’s biggest acquisitions ever, and incorporates Limit’s 40+ players, coaches and staff as well as all of their media and social outlets.

Liquid isn’t just setting its sights on Azeroth, however. It looks like judging by their statement they’re also looking forward to Riot’s new MMO, which we already know Max is stoked for.

Now that we’ve joined forces with the best raiding guild around, we’re eager to make the MMO ecosystem a place infused with diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion. Liquid MMO General Manager Azorea will be spearheading the creation of an advisory council of women in the space, aimed at developing resources and strategies that enable more women to grow as expert players. Final Fantasy XIV content will also be in the works and who knows, we might be planning competitive dominion over Riot MMO worlds that have yet to be born…


This is a massive move for MMO esports, and an insanely well-deserved leap for the folks over at Limit. I absolutely cannot wait to see where they go from here, and I hope other esports orgs take notice and start giving serious consideration to MMO content in the near-term. Team Liquid’s clearly all in.

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