Kanye West Has Watched Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith “Ten Times” During Quarantine

Kanye West was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast for a three-hour blockbuster interview spanning a variety of topics – including his past discography, his “presidential run”, and perhaps most importantly…

The Star Wars prequels.

This sound byte comes amidst a larger conversation about an artist’s original vision and works being muddied by corporate interference. Specifically, he references J.J. Abrams’ sequel trilogy as “corporate made” and not as genuine as George Lucas’ “baby” – the previous six films.

The full clip, with context, starts at 1:14:43, linked (with timestamp) below here:

The more I give myself time to think about the sequel trilogy, the less I enjoy them. There are lots of criticisms about the Sequels and Prequels that are very valid, but far more that are not, and I think that definitely detracts from the more valid callouts.

I did (and do) enjoy the prequels, because they’re what I grew up with – and also just because… I love Star Wars. Is the series infallible? No. Will I always love it? Fuck yes. And for that reason, I normally avoid getting into any extended discourse about my grievances with the Sequels.

Say what you want about Kanye (like Star Wars, there are definitely some valid criticisms as well as some pretty absurd ones), but he’s absolutely right on this one.

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