Terraria Dev Unable To Access His Google Accounts, Says Fuck It And Cancels Stadia Port

In one of the most impressive and decisive ragequits I’ve ever seen, Terraria dev Andrew Spinks has canceled its Stadia version after getting the ‘runaround’ from Google.

Spinks, who founded Re-Logic – Terraria’s developer – went on to say that doing business with Google is a “liability”, and I respect the shit out of this decision.

The wildest thing about this is that Terraria wasn’t even formally announced for Stadia yet. The game received a Stadia release date from Europe’s PEGI ratings agency (their equivalent to our ESRB), which was the first anyone heard of it coming to the platform. Literally the first official note on it going to Stadia was Spinks announcing its cancellation.

Losing your data is never fun (or funny), and seeing Google treat their third-party devs this way (especially after shuttering their own first-party Stadia dev studio very recently) is an embarrassment. They can’t continue to pretend Stadia is a priority at all, and then turn around and treat the people who are trying to bring games to their platform like dog shit.

Hopefully Andrew gets his data back, and hopefully Google gets its priorities in order.

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