FaZe President Says In Due Time Gamers Will Make as Much as NFL Players

TMZ Sports interviewed FaZe Clan president Greg Selkoe who talked about why he believes esports players could eventually get paid NFL money. And also talked about how esports are eating into the market share of traditional sports. Which, is something that we all knew could happen.. but hearing from the FaZe president makes it a little more legit.

It’s safe to say that league minimum in the NFL is around $400k-500k – and it’s safer to say that esports players and content creators can blow this out of the water. Hell, there are gamers bending that amount of money over a table as we speak. When it comes to the age we live in, there are a shit ton of opportunities to make a name for yourself and make money on the internet. Whether it’s live streaming some Minecraft, playing a game in a professional setting, or even selling bath water, it’s doable. And can all step from esports.

Greg Selkoe has a point too that maybe not a lot of people realize. When you’re a professional athlete in the traditional sense, you get your salary and endorsement deals – and a lot of the times that’s it. And I’m not saying that they can’t do more. I’m just saying that’s how majority of players are doing things. When it comes to content creation and esports, the opportunities are endless. You can compete, stream, sell merch, get sponsorships, start a business with your built audience, and the list goes on..

The “are esports real sports” argument will always happen, and won’t ever be solved. It’s subjective. But that’s ok. You don’t have to agree with it. But.. you can’t argue that the eyes and money and there and the amount of upside is crazy. Time will tell, but my bets are on this being true, and esports will pass some sports for compensation.

I love tradition sports, and I love esports. And that’s all good. It’s 2020 baby, you can do that.

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