Baby Yoda Bobbleheads and Beskar Ingots Are Coming To Star Wars Squadrons In Today’s Update

In a new blog, the Star Wars Squadrons team announced probably the only thing that game was missing…

A bobblehead of “The Child” (AKA Baby Yoda) for your X-Wing’s dashboard.

While the “Mysterious Figure” bobblehead is exclusive to the New Republic faction in-game, both factions will get one additional hologram, decal, dashboard flair, and hanging flair – totaling out to eight new cosmetics in all. Not bad for a game that was unlikely to ever get another update, huh?

This is the way.

This update is a total surprise to most fans (including me) since EA Motive made it pretty clear that there were no plans for future content updates and DLC for the game. While this is a nice little promotional drop and doesn’t really add any “meat” to the game, could this mean that EA is up to support Squadrons with post-launch content after all? We can only hope.

Star Wars Squadrons’ “Mandalorian Supply Drop” update drops today, and The Mandalorian’s second season arrives on October 30th via Disney+.

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