Chris Metzen Un-Retires, Announces New Tabletop Company ‘Warchief Gaming’

A trio of ex-Blizzard employees – including Chris Metzen (former SVP of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard) – have just announced their new tabletop gaming company, Warchief Gaming.

Metzen, who is also known for voicing Thrall in World of Warcraft, Bastion in Overwatch, and tons of other voice roles throughout Blizzard’s history, is joined by fellow Blizzard alums Mike Gilmartin and Ryan Collins to form their new tabletop gaming horde.

Here’s the full announcement, directly from Warchief’s official YouTube page:

“It’s building ideas for your friends and laughing at it as we work every day,” he said. “There’s a purity to the smaller scale. Blizzard did exceptional work, but it was at a massive scale. It’s hard to control and keep the train on the tracks. And they’re running multiple trains. They’re all excellent. It’s just a lot of mindshare. This feels like it’s so much more freeing and simplified, the creative process”

Chris Metzen, via the above video.

Those who follow Blizzard or World of Warcraft will remember that Metzen left the company in 2016, following 22 years of legendary contributions to the company and the numerous genres it touched. Fast forward to 2020, and Metzen has consulted the Spirit Healer and respawned into the gaming world… Just not in a way that many would expect.

Blizzard and Wizards of the Coast have already partnered a number of times to showcase promotional Warcraft-themed Dungeons & Dragons content, but could this mean that we might eventually see official Warcraft, Diablo, or even Starcraft tabletop games created by Warchief Gaming? Only time will tell.

No matter what the future holds, I absolutely love this move, and cannot wait to see what Warchief Gaming hits us with first.

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