Gears 5’s Xbox Series X|S Update Gives You The Option To Have Marcus Fenix Played By Dave Bautista

Fans have long clamored to see Dave Bautista pick up a lancer and become Marcus Fenix on the big screen. Bautista himself has previously said that “Hollywood doesn’t want it to happen”, seemingly alluding to shadowy big-wig execs in board rooms who would rather cast anyone other than what the fans want (which is pretty much always the case with video game to film adaptations).

In my blog earlier this year, poetically titled “Holy Shit, Dave Bautista Is Coming To Gears 5“, I talked about how The Coalition seemed intent on giving the fans what they want. While Bautista was dropped into the game’s multiplayer as “Batista” (his WWE persona), it was still a not-so-subtle nod to the fans that the developers heard them and were listening.

Now, we’re taking this a real leap forward, as The Coalition just announced via a video on IGN just now (which I cannot embed here) that Bautista (not Batista) is returning to Gears 5… This time as Marcus Fenix.

That’s right folks. After years (and years) of waiting impatiently, fans will finally be able to see Dave Bautista pick up the lancer, don the bandana, and step into the armor of one of gaming’s most iconic heroes.

Players will have the ability to switch out Marcus’ likeness and voice to that of Bautista himself – judging by the video, it sounds like The Coalition had Bautista even record voice lines for the entire campaign. No disrespect to the voice acting titan John DiMaggio, whose trademark gravelly voice made Marcus the icon that he is today – but I cannot wait to replay through the Gears 5 story and see what Dave Bautista brings to the table.

The Gears 5 Xbox Series X|S update goes live on November 10.

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