Dr. Bob’s OverWatch OverView: Summer Games 2017

Not all that much has happened between my last OverWatch OverView post and this one, except for the fact that FUCKING DOOMFIST LAUNCHED!!!.  I’ll get back to this in just a moment.  There have been some buffs, with in my opinion the greatest of them being to Zarya’s Graviton Surge, which makes her very viable nowadays.  There have also been some nerfs, most notably Blizzard burying Roadhog for all of Season 5.  His one-shot combo no longer exists, so he has been an Ultimate sponge since the nerf.  Blizzard is however, buffing his defensive capabilities soon by giving him 50% damage reduction during Take A Breather, and giving him the ability to move whilst healing himself.  This is kind of a big buff, the only problem is I can’t really figure out where Roadhog will come back into play in Ranked.  His one-shot combo made him a solo queue carry hero, and I just can’t come up with a solid team composition that can really utilize his abilities anymore, with the only exception being Counter-Dive.

The anniversary event was kinda frustrating due to the fact that every skin that dropped was a 3,000 gold doubloon legendary, so getting all of them was a nightmare.  Thankfully, Summer Games 2017 is dropping this upcoming Tuesday with the return of Lucio Ball, the re-release of last year’s Summer Games’ skins, and a whole slew of new items, most importantly the newest set of Summer skins.  You all know how I love to do my theory crafting when it comes to videogames, TV shows, and movies…basically anything in our realm of entertainment.  If you have been following us long enough, you would most likely also know, I tend to be correct in my presumptions quite often.  Some might even say, all the time.  Zoltan Bob .  Strap on your tin-foil caps and just ride this one out with me.  Last year’s Summer Games event revolved around the Summer Olympics, therefore, all of the event skins were based around the hero’s country of origins.  Summer Games 2017 is no longer restricted to the Summer Olympics, so what could they possibly be doing this time around for the event skins?  Jessica Nigri did a photo shoot for Blizzard recently, leaking what some believe to be the new Mercy Skin, in a red lifeguard suit.  This is exactly what I had imagined for the new event skins.  Take League of Legends for instance, Riot released, and continue to adds to, the Pool Party Skin set.  I don’t necessarily think Blizzard plans on ripping off the whole pool party theme from Riot, but my thought is they will do something very similar.  I would not be surprised to find out the newest set of event skins end up being a Beach Day set.  It would be similar enough to the Pool Party set in League, but probably unique enough to be Blizzard’s own style.  So you heard it hear first folks, I, Dr. Bob, am predicting a Beach Day skin set for OverWatch’s Summer Games 2017 event.

Doomfist, no longer voiced by Terry Crews, went live last week, and just went live today in ranked.  In my opinion, he is one of the most mechanically complex heroes in the game, and to make another reference to League of Legends, he fits into the Bruiser role perfectly, just like Riven.  For both characters in each game, the best way to fully utilize their kit and maximize damage output is to animation cancel abilities with primary attacks in between.  As much as I would love to learn to play Doomfist, I just can’t see myself being able to invest enough time into getting really good with him, especially when it comes to competitive with my Pass the Controller team, where I end up being the flex/fill member.  Regardless, with the introduction of Doomfist, I can see some meta shifts coming in ranked, with McCree being more viable in the Counter-Dive role, and the dominant force of D.Va being knocked down a few notches.  There it is guys.  This has been my OverWatch OverView, let me know what you think will be coming in the form of skins for Summer Games 2017, and how you think Doomfist will affect the ranked meta.


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