HusKerrs Has Made a Fuck Ton of Money Playing Warzone These Past Few Months

I would like to start this blog off by saying HusKerrs is a fucking animal. I just enjoyed a few cold daddy’s while watching Twitch Rivals, and my mind still can’t process how good he is. It makes me look like I’m playing with my elbows. blindfolded.

Back in September, NRG saw the savagery within HusKerrs and signed that man. Yesterday, HusKerrs won Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown with JoeWoe, which pushed him to $96,633.34 – just tickling the balls of $100,000.

Earnings pulled yesterday. Not updated with today’s winnings yet)

And before I could even wipe my ass, he comes in 2nd place in Twitch Rivals tonight with Symfuhny and it launches him over $100,000. AND….STILL!!!!!! The top Warzone earner as he leaves people behind him in the dust. The six figure club.

In just a quick 7 months and change, HusKerrs has made a years salary for some people playing Warzone.

I’d be shitting my pants. Maybe he’s just better at hiding it, but he seems cool as a cucumber telling his chat after the dub.

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