Introducing the Newest Member of Team Liquid… Michael Jordan

“Team Liquid’s parent company, aXiomatic, announced Thursday it raised $26 million in a Series C funding round. Two new investors join the ownership group: NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan and David Rubenstein’s family office, Declaration Capital.” –Forbes

How about the GOAT opening up his wallet and diving headfirst into the eSports world huh? Six NBA championships, six NBA Finals MVPs, five regular-season NBA MVPs, one saved planet from the Monstars, and now he’s just become a co-owner of one of the most recognizable names in eSports.

For those keeping score at home, Magic Johnson is also a co-owner of aXiomatic (and, by proxy, Team Liquid), and I just need to know if Larry Bird is gonna be the next one to invest so they can reunite the entire Dream Team and take the eSports world by storm. Imagine that, it’s almost like all the talking heads on “traditional” sports outlets were 100% wrong when doubting the potential for growth that eSports has, and now some of the most prominent figures in “traditional” sports are proving that by jumping on the gravy train.

Let’s just talk about the combined championships on the board of owners alone for Team Liquid. MJ’s got six, Magic has four, Ted Leonsis (owner of the Washington Capitals in his spare time) just won a Stanley Cup, and Liquid are back-to-back in Dota 2 and League majors. That’s one hell of a pedigree.

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