The Mightiest Charizard is Appearing This Weekend: This is How You Can Take It Down!

Charizard has been a fan favorite since its debut in the very first Pokemon game. Unfortunately, this giant fire lizard and its pre-evolutions are not catchable normally in Scarlet and Violet, the latest games in the series. You will however, have one chance during two weekends to catch one!

Starting on Thursday, December 1, at 4:00 p.m. PST to Sunday, December 4, at 3:59 p.m. PST, then Thursday, December 15, at 4:00 p.m. PST to Sunday, December 18, at 3:59 p.m. PST. Anyone who misses this date will have to wait until Pokemon Home is updated in the Spring to add a Charizard from a previous game to your Scarlet and Violet playthrough.

This special Charizard will be catchable as a level 100 Pokemon, will have a massive pool of HP 25 times more than normal, and come with the “Mightiest Mark”. Marks have been a new feature since the last mainline Pokemon game, Sword and Shield. These are like special ribbons that give your Pokemon certain titles when in battle. This particular Charizard has the title “the Unrivaled” and will appear alongside his name in battles. The Unrivaled Charizard will only be obtainable during this event!

Take on The Unrivaled Charizard!

Finding these 7 star raids will be telling by it's dark crystal star
Finding these 7 star raids will be telling by it’s dark crystal star

After players beat the game, and complete the post game tasks after defeating all the gym leaders once more, then completing the ace tournament at least once. Trainers will find black crystals in their world, containing the coveted Mightiest Mark Charizard! Eager players awaiting the raids will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and careful tactics to take down this titan of a Pokemon. 

You'll find these dark crystals housing the 7 star Charizard Raids throughout the world!
You’ll find these dark crystals housing the 7 star Charizard Raids throughout the world!

Rewards for completing this raid will be abundant! Each clear will give you various rare items, like Herba Mysticas, Ability Patches, and more! You will only be able to catch this Charizard once though! But, you will be able to complete the raid multiple times to farm items and help your friends catch their own!

Charizard with a unique title Mightest Mark, displayed as Charizard the Unrivaled
Marks are a new feature introduced in Sword/Shield. This particular Charizard will have a unique one, with the title Charizard the Unrivaled!

The Squad You Should Take!

This sounds great and all, but I bet you’re wondering how you’re going to take down this behemoth! One of the best ways to counter this beast is with an Azumarill, a Fairy/Water type Pokemon that can learn Belly Drum, and Play Rough. Belly drum will boost Azumarill’s attack to its maximum, and Play Rough is a solid physical attack move coupled with its Fairy type STAB and Tera boost should do massive damage to that unruly Charizard. EVs, Items, and moves will be listed under each description! Bring an Adamant Nature and Huge Power ability to bring more power to that punch!

Azumarill's build

Flutter Mane is one of the new Paradox Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet. It’s one of the best special attackers in the game right now with incredibly high stats and speed! A Flutter Mane with Modest Nature and a Moonblast could wipe away a Charizard coupled with a life orb. Using Fake Tears can lower the beast’s Special Defense, allowing you and your allies to hit it even harder!

Flutter Mane's Build

Grimmsnarl is a great utility Pokemon in all formats. Raids aren’t any exception! It can set up great support barriers like Light Screen and Reflect to add a little defensive buff for your party. Raiders should make it hold Light Clay so its screens will last longer! Spirit break is a new move that has a base power of 75, and a 100% chance to lower the target’s special attack power. This makes Grimmsnarl a great support pokemon for your raid team!

Grimmsnarl's Build

Finally, last but not least. Sylveon, the Fairy Eeveelution coupled with Choice Specs can bring a huge blast of Hyper Beam power. If Sylveon has the hidden ability Pixilate, which you can grab with an Ability Patch, this normal type move will become fairy type with an extra 1.2x power!

Sylveon's Build

It’s super important that your Tera types are primarily Fairy to boost up your offensive capabilities! This Charizard will be Dragon type, meaning it will be weak to all these Fairy type moves! You can find a list of the full squad here built by yours truly! I hope you make use of this guide for your advantage!

Full Raid Team and Builds


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