Sauce Gardner: Shutting Down Offenses on the Field & in Warzone

Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner was the #4 overall pick for the New York Jets football team earlier this year. 11 games into the NFL season, Gardner leads the league in pass breakups(14) and currently holds the highest rookie grade from Pro Football Focus. No one can argue that he’s fantastic on the field, but Sauce is also a demon on the sticks.

A few days ago(yes I know, I’m late) I caught some of Sauce’s stream on Twitch as he dropped into Al Mazrah, the newest Warzone map. The game started well, but took a dark turn as Sauce’s teammates both fully bled out. Back to the wall, with no where to turn, he found himself downed with only a self revive to cling to. The enemies swarmed around & chose to interrogate him to find his potential other teammates. Unfortunately it was only Sauce, so they spread out believing there was another hidden in the shadows of the ghost park. This gave Sauce enough of a distraction to pick himself up from the brink of certain despair. After the self-revive syringe succeeded, he quickly raised his close-ranged Fennec 45 quickly, as he wasn’t out of these weeds just yet. 10 perfectly placed bullets found their home into the first hostile. Fully killing after downed, Sauce wasn’t gonna offer the same generosity his opponents had foolishly shown him. He rotated quickly away from the crime scene & prepared for more bogeys. Fully cracking the next with his TAQ-56, he wisely reloaded & found better positioning. Along the short relocation, he found a wounded enemy to which he put out of his misery. Last but not least, the final boss jumped out to which Sauce swatted down, much like the passes thrown by top Quarterbacks such as Josh Allen. All in all, the clip’s posted below. I think it’s incredible that not only does Sauce game quite frequently to be hitting these crispy shots, but also that he streams as regularly as he can on Twitch. This young gun isn’t camera shy & shows his big personality on & off the field. Great player. Fantastic Gamer. Awesome for gaming all around.


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