Day 1 of the Call of Duty League: GA’s Broken, OpTic Forfeits, Whammy Cammy

OpTic Texas has forfeited their first match of the season after being up 2-1 map count. Yes, you read that correctly. OpTic had just closed out a close map of control with a couple of clutch kills from King Scumpii. The game ends & the 130 million fans watching on are left with the same old “Stay Tuned” schtick we’ve been given since the CDL’s inception. After a half hour, we find out the Minnesota Rokkr are contesting the map due to one of their players, Cammy, was stuck in a bug where he’s not able to move or fire his weapon as the final tick came in. The total amount of time he was stuck for was 6 total seconds; I went back & counted “one little fishy, two little fishy…” all the way to SIX LITTLE FISHYS. After the CDL agreed that there should be a map replay, OpTic refused to play. They laid down their controllers like Notre Dame for Rudy, and walked out. Now would the 6 seconds have been beneficial to the Rokkr as they attempted to defend the point, yes I’ll agree. Could it have not mattered, sure. But the reason why Cammy was even in this bug was because he “accidentally” used the SAE killstreak that has been GA’d for some time. That sentence in itself can have people at twitter fistacuffs in a heartbeat. The full clip is below to make your opinions on the matter. Cammy is player #8 on the bottom left mini map & then is the far right player in the camera’s you’ll see at the end of the map in pure disbelief.

After close to an hour, OpTic Texas goes onto to forfeit as they believe it was Cammy/Rokkr’s fault in the first place for using the streak(accidentally allegedly). It’s also GA’d, so double whammy Cammy(hey, there’s the article title). Minnesota urges the CDL to force a full replay, and the league adheres to it. OpTic completely disagrees, takes their first loss of the season, and storm to social media to gather the pitchforks.

This also will most definitely reignite the rivalry between owners OpTic HECZ & Gary Vee. Once good friends talking friendly shit, might now be hurling it like mud across the twitterscape.

Just a hilarious tweet from last week to look back on all this

At least I know one Rokkr fan happy about this


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