Guild Esports Co-Founded By David Beckham Becomes First Esports Firm To Go Public on London Stock Exchange

Guild Esports, a start-up backed by soccer star David Beckham, has listed on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation around £40 million ($52 million). Founded in London in September 2019, Guild is the first esports firm to go public on the LSE. It raised £20 million through the initial public offering. Shares reversed early gains to drop as much as 7.63%. on Friday. Guild wants to develop and manage a global esports team that can enter competitions and win prize money. Talented young gamers can earn millions of dollars a year through competitions, sponsorship deals, merchandise and events. 


This is huge for esports. It’s another push at “hey guys, look how fucking big this market is”. With gaming and esports growing rapidly, and expected to be worth $1.8 Billion (with a B) by the end of 2022, now investors have no choice but to take a look. And to top if off, you have the man-rocket David Beckham as a co-owner.

As of right now it looks like Guild’s inaugural teams will debut in the Fall with FIFA and Rocket League.

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